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The Wayfinder’s Apprentice by K. Dezendorf

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The Wayfinder’s Apprentice (Shadows of the Umbra #1) by K. Dezendorf  is an exciting, unique portal fantasy with quite a diverse cast and great blending between a fantasy world and our own.

I really appreciated the fresh take on a “spunky red-headed female protagonist” – Rose is still that, though breaks the mold wonderfully in her own way. I love how she sketches and her connection with the other protagonist is wonderfully illustrated (pun mostly intended). I like the romance angle, but there’s a lot of spoilers there, so I’m not going to say much except that I hope to see more of the love-interest in upcoming books. The relationships – romantic and not – all seemed authentic and I enjoyed reading them.

I love the world-building in this story, though it feels like we’ve only just touched the tip of the ice burg exploration-wise. I’m excited to see more of the Umbra in up-coming books! The creatures were all amazing – I loved how they interacted with Rose and each other, and the magic system was fascinating to read about, as well as logical and believable.

The Paragon concept is well-done, and I enjoyed it, though I feel some aspects might’ve been lacking so as not to come across as preachy since it seems to touch on Christianity.

I’m so curious to know more about Rose and what happens next – in both worlds! – but I thought this installment had a satisfying ending, definitely good for the first book in a series! I had expected a bit more action during the course of the story, since there’s some fighting during the first parts, but I wasn’t disappointed to find that a nice portion is spent on Rose’s training and her relationships with the other characters, exploring the world. It’s got a good pace, and I bet the rest of the series will as well.

An ending note: the humor was great throughout. I like books that make me laugh out loud 🙂


K. Dezendorf, author of The Wayfinder’s Apprentice

K Dezendorf is the author of The Shadows of the Umbra series, the first book of which is The Wayfinder’s Apprentice. For her, there is never a wrong time to enjoy a good novel.

She began writing in earnest at age 14. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys watching anime, playing video games, and practicing digital art. She currently live in Arizona with her loving husband and beautiful daughter.

Check out her website here!


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