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    Reason to Blog, Reason to Write – The Most Important Message

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    Hey, guys! I guess you’ve probably noticed, I’ve gotten better at this whole blogging thing recently 🙂 Part of that comes from having a reason to blog. Actually, the majority of it comes from having a reason to blog.

    What’s my reason to blog? Well, I guess it’s really the same as my reason for writing or doing anything in this life: I’ve got a message to share.

    I don’t remember thinking too much about this when I first started writing, like eight years ago. Back then, it was just fun. And then, when I got serious about writing, I just did. I didn’t think about it really, I just did, and, in that way, I found pretty much everything I wrote and shared turning towards my message.

    Somehow, in the past year, I forgot about the importance of that message. People on Twitter probably remember that I stopped working on The Pizza Shop Chronicles then and switched to another project. I also stopped writing poetry and blogging.

    I’ve recently become refocused on the importance of message, which, if you follow this blog, you’ve probably noticed with the sudden rise of activity here. You might also have heard that I’m back to working on Book 3 of The Pizza Shop Chronicles. There seem to be a lot more ups and downs than before, but I definitely feel like I’m getting back into the groove of things the way I should. At least, I hope so.

    It’s pretty amazing what can be accomplished when you have a reason to do it.

    I haven’t made a ton of book sales yet or got tons of blog subscribers, but other things have fallen right into place. The most important for me right now is motivation, and this motivation comes from the message.

    If you’re wondering what that message is, the message powerful enough to take a despondent writer and give her a new “leap on life”, you need look no further than the Bible. It’s the message of every Christian: “I found a Savior, come and see Him. He died for you as well.”

    Maybe you don’t like to think it was necessary for the Son of God to die for you, but that doesn’t change the fact that He did. It’s not exactly easy and it will likely cost you some pride and some friends, but inevitably, it will cost you less to admit you need a Savior and put your trust in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as the only one who can save you than it would cost you to ignore Him.

    If you haven’t already done this, please don’t wait. Come to the Savior now. You might not have another chance.

    I told you this message can make a difference in one’s life, that having it can make you eager to share it and eager to work. It really can. Again, it’s not easy and it can be a lonely walk at times, but it is a walk worth taking, if you keep your feet — or, rather, keep your eyes on the cross and let God guide your steps.

    And don’t lose sight of this message once you have it — finding it again is more difficult than receiving it the first time!


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