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The Kingmaster by C.A. Doehrmann

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The Kingmaster (Arc Legends #1) by C.A. Doehrmann is a relatively new release, published in May, 2021. The author makes a stunning debut into the world of MG/YA Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Adventure with lots of fast-paced action, amazing world-building, and a wonderful, character-driven plot with a fun, textured cast. I am so glad I read this book and would like to give the author a quick shout-out for providing me with an arc copy. Thank you so much, C.A. Doehrmann!

One of the things I really loved was the way the author introduced her world and its inhabitants. Nothing is outright explained, but almost taken for grantedThe_Kingmaster_Sword_Sorcery_Fantasy_Middle_Grade_Doerhmann_Review_Abbigayle_Grace so that the reader finds themselves immersed in a world that, though unknown to them, feels completely familiar. I also loved the protagonist, Kyen, a young war-hero with a mysterious past and awesome powers. His detached attitude and love for sandwiches were some of my favorite things, though I still wonder about when he was staring off into space so much…

The princess was surprisingly cool in this story. Too often I find that an author, attempting to create a strong female lead, has taken away all of her humanity. Adeya is most definitely still human. Sure, she’s tough, has a temper, and insists on adventure, but, overall, she’s a good character and plays a genuinely valuable part in the quest. I also like that she’s blonde with blue eyes instead of your typical redhead.

I found the concept of the Arc and the arcangels fascinating. I’ve seen it done similarly before, but I absolutely love Doehrmann’s presentation and description, lovely and magical as well as powerful.

There are a few typo and grammar instances in the book, as well as a couple paragraphs where we hear a lot about “the two swordsmen”, but this is one of the best books I have read this year and I’m giving it five stars for sure. It made me laugh out loud, had me guessing at the plot twists constantly even though I thought I was sure of my suspicions, and kept me turning pages constantly. Excellent reading material that I recommend for middle-grade and up. I can’t wait to read the next series installments and (hopefully) have all my big questions answered, as well as see more of my favorite characters and places.



C.A. Doerhmann, Author of The Kingmaster (Arc Legends #1)

C. A. Doehrmann, an avid writer of sword and sorcery fanasy, loves strong characters, deep adventures, and smash-down, drag-out fights. She is excited toshare her debut series in the Arc Legends world with The Kingmaster (Book 1 of Ellunon.) You can find her writing at where she shares bonus chapters, side quests, and announcements.

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