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Changing Seasons in the Elf World, Spring is on the Way!

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Don’t be discourage if you, like those of us in Orangeboro, received a dusting of snow after the groundhog predicted early spring. He’s often mistaken. But it will pass, all this shadow and cold… And soon, we’ll be wishing it was winter again. Well, some of you might, but after the brutality of an elvish snowfalls (when I, unlike those lucky creatures, cannot walk on top of the snow), I’m sure I want it to stay summer as long as it can.

And I can’t wait for spring!

They [the elves] always hold a special celebration on the first day of spring, called The Crossing of the Stars because of the meteor shower that takes place. It’s an ideal time for weddings, ensuring prosperity and happiness for the bride and groom always.

I’m not quite sure what the exact date is, given I don’t have an elvish astronomer handy, but it’s generally a week or so after the first signs of spring appear.

These indicators include:

  • pale green leaves on the trees
  • sweet-smelling mist over the hills
  • a tiny blue bird singing outside the king’s bedroom window
  • daffodil-like flowers blooming in the garden
  • a rambunctious fire-breather returning to the cliff top after hibernation

I’m pretty sure their are a few others, but these are really the most reliable signs that spring is coming. See, the elves don’t rely on anything so fickle as a groundhog (apologies, Phil) to tell them when the weather will change.

I’m not sure whether Cat has eaten the blue bird yet or not (I’ll have to speak to Alastair about keeping him indoors for the next few weeks) but I am sure that if you happen to see any of these things happening in your area – specifically the return of the fire-breather – I can tell you that not only is spring on its way, but you have stumbled into a fantasy novel.

Don’t panic though, it’s probably just Goblinprince (which will be released in March, as near The Crossing of the Stars as I can figure) and everything will turn out mostly all right…

Well, that’s all from me for now. I’ve got to get back to my duties, you know, writing about everything that happens in this “dull” little Kentucky town were people disappear through magic portals and elves make pizza. I’ll be back next week though, when the weather has hopefully gotten warmer.

Stay warm, drink coffee, eat pizza, and don’t let the goblins get you 😉

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