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ratings: 5 (avg rating 4.20)

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Book 3 of The Pizza Shop Chronicles – Fairyspells: Prologue

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Here it is folks – the first part of the 3rd book of The Pizza Shop Chronicles! It’s a bit short, and needs an edit probably, but I couldn’t wait to share it! Please give it a read and let me know what you think (constructive feedback is always a help! 🙂 )

Fairyspells (The Pizza Shop Chronicles #3)

Prologue: Alastair


Eight years ago, an elf named Brudak laughed telling me he wasn’t the one behind the murder of my mother and her family. I didn’t believe him then, and I still have trouble. After all, he was a traitor. He’d bargained with goblins, framed me for betraying our allies—the helcrest stags—to them, and he’d killed my wife.

She wasn’t my wife then, of course. She was a thief who worked in the castle scullery and ended up rescuing me from the dungeons. And Brudak had killed her the very next day with an arrow through the chest.

I don’t like to think where I’d be now if she hadn’t been allowed to come back with me for as long as she would’ve normally lived otherwise.

Without her, I would’ve gone on being king—that was a decision I’d made a year prior, that, no matter what, I was going to see this job through to the end. But it wouldn’t have been near so happy a position without Marden reigning queen at my side. Indeed, I doubt I would’ve survived these last months at all without her.

Actually, I know I wouldn’t have survived. And not just because she saved my life.

The whole kingdom would’ve fallen apart—both the fairies and the elves—and we’d all be either living under the rule of a madman or dead.

And it would’ve definitely been my fault. I walked right into his trap at my most vulnerable moment: when I was happy. I know he just took the first opportunity that presented itself, but it seemed like everything had conspired all for the moment when my carefully spun web of happy, blissful days in the sunshine would be torn down in a sudden storm, which would be relished by the whole world.

Of course, that was my fault too. I knew better than to let good times lull me to sleep—knew better than to let my guard down just because my enemies kept their knives hidden behind their backs. But, to my shame, that’s exactly what I did.

Thank the Lord there was something salvageable.

And thank the Lord for Marden too. I wouldn’t have had a choice in the matter, but I’d be dead without her.

I’d just spent a terrible night by her bedside, praying both she and the baby would make it through the storm, when I took the bait. And the trap was sprung.

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