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Abbigayle Grace's books on Goodreads
Elfboy Elfboy (The Pizza Shop Chronicles #1)
reviews: 4
ratings: 8 (avg rating 4.75)

Goblinprince Goblinprince (The Pizza Shop Chronicles #2)
reviews: 4
ratings: 5 (avg rating 4.20)

Winter in Deglendark Valley Winter in Deglendark Valley
ratings: 1 (avg rating 5.00)

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Abbigayle Grace 

Abbigayle Grace is a teen with an imagination, and she’s on a mission to share it with the world with her recently published book Elfboy — The Pizza Shop Chronicles — Book 1, released August 2019.

So, what does pizza and elves have in common? Well, if you ask Abbigayle, it’s just one of the greatest things about the fantasy genre and why she loves it.

“I love the fantasy genre because it’s the closest I can get to doing everything I’ve always wanted — like riding a dragon, or being able to hang out with elves and make pizza at the same time. It just feels a bit like home.”


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The recent homeschool graduate grew up second oldest with five siblings who helped fuel her creativity with their combined wild and bright imaginations. When they weren’t doing their lessons, they were outside catching bugs or playing — battling orcs and being rock stars …with spaceships. She and her siblings were always making up stories through their play — and the best part is they started writing them down.

So, for Abbigayle, writing has always been an essential part of her life and there’s no doubt she’s going to pursue it as a career.

When Abbigayle was twelve, her family moved to Lexington, KY where they were able to take advantage of the massive library system, reading hundreds, and hundreds, of books, which further fueled her love of books — and writing them. Her first novel draft was finished at age fourteen — complete with maps, family trees, and building plans.

Then a few years later, they moved out into the country and it seems to be the perfect place for her to write, where the open air and natural surroundings give room to let the creativity flow onto the pages.

Where did the name Elfboy come from? Believe it or not, it was a dream, and then a rooster. Sounds like something out of a book already. But, it’s true — one of Abbigayle’s favorite breed of chicken is the Silver Spangled Hamburg and her rooster’s name just had to be special, so Elfboy it is.

Then she had a wonderful urge to create a character that people would care about. In steps Elrond Higgins, and it all just fell into place. Elfboy then became the title of her debut book, which, at first, was going to be a standalone YA fantasy, but quickly evolved into a series that has at least four more books in The Pizza Shop Chronicles on their way to being published alongside Eflboy.

The story opens up in a rural Kentucky town, where the main character, Chris has just moved in with his widowed aunt and younger cousin. He’s been homeschooled his whole life, so he’s a bit nervous about having to attend public school for the first time. Then his anxiety quickly increases when the first person he meets is a kid who everyone, including the wacky principal, warn him to stay away from.

From there we’re thrust into a world of murderous plots, witches, elves, dragons, and more — all tied to a small town pizza shop.

One reviewer called it “an incredible coming of age story full of hilarity and heart that packs a serious punch,” which seems to sum it up nicely.

Silver Spangled Hamburg ElfboyAbbigayle is planning to release her next book mid-January of 2020, which will be a thrill to her fans who are excited to see what comes next in The Pizza Shop Chronicles.

And, do Abbigayle’s parents support her endeavors? Well, Dad’s favorite family game is for everyone to write a short story in 24 hours and share them together, while Mom runs a literary business where she helps authors publish and market their books.

So, I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more from this talented young author who’s dream is to share her imagination with the world through her love of writing books.



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