Trial By Dragon
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YA Christian Portal Fantasy – Coming Soon!

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Like everyone else, Edith Trawlney, or Edi, was born with a Guardian – a magical creature sworn to protect her for as long as she believes in magic.

Unlike everyone else, Edi and her friends have come ‘of age’ as Believers, meaning they can now partake in the Royal Trial – an event that occurs once every generation in the Fairy Realm, calling Believers from around the world to compete for the title of Realm Ruler.

Edi has dreamed of ruling ever since she was little, and, with her Guardian by her side, the Trial feels won already. Edi’s been counting on it.

What she hasn’t counted on is the intervention of the Hunters, a group hell-bent on stopping the Trial; or the possibility of losing her friends to the challenges. Not to mention the agenda of the current Realm Ruler, Queen Justine, who’s been ruling for two generations and has no intentions of giving up the throne now.

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