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    The Number One Thing Creatives Need To Learn – Right Now

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    You control the world. There. I said it. Creative people control the entire world.

    “Oh, but I’m not creative,” you might be thinking. And you would be wrong. Creativity is a human quality that we all have. If you like to draw, you’re creative. If you like to write, you’re creative. If you like to sing, act, photograph things, or participate in any type of making, you are creative!

    And, right now, the world needs you.

    This Pandemic Has Given Us A Chance To Institute A New Normal – We Can’t Afford To Let This Opportunity Slip Away!

    Seriously. COVID-19 is a horrible, horrible thing. But from it, great good can be born. I recently discussed this with a rather pessimistic friend. She couldn’t see the good coming out of this beyond no more school and the family’s all together. This is, in part, what I told her:

    “Life will never go back to the normal we were used to, this is probably one of the only opportunities we have to make the biggest and most positive impact on our futures… I think that as the kids who are emerging into adulthood during this, we kinda have a good chance at this. If everybody can just remember how nice they’ve been the last few months and not go back to being horrible in another few months.”

    If everybody can remember how nice they’ve been for the last few months and not go back to being horrible… How can we make this stick???

    We can write. We can draw. We can sing and dance. We can CREATE this into being!

    Because, as Oscar Wilde once said: “Life imitates art.”

    Life Imitates Art, People!

    Yes, life impacts art as well – but the artist is the one who gets to decide what the impact is! You are the artist – and I don’t care what your art is, you own it. The Greek roots of “art” mean “a skill that is acquired through practice”, therefore, if you practice creating in any form, you are a creative artist.

    So create. And create positively. What you write today will impact the readers of tomorrow – whether or not you get published.

    This sidetracks me a bit, but feels necessary: I once read a bit of Celtic Witch lore of the spider, for writing research, and came across a passage that intrigued me since I have arachnophobia and was trying to find a solution for that. And I did find one, but not the one I expected. It said something like, “Witches do not fear the spider, for the appearance of such a creature in their lives serves to bring a reminder that the web we weave today is the one we inhabit tomorrow”. This might not be entirely true, but yes, it did cure me of fearing spiders – probably an enchanted Pinterest post. Lol!But it also made me think more seriously about my actions each and every day. How they would impact my tomorrows. I learned that if I let myself stay depressed one day, it will turn into two, and three, and so on until I forget to be happy. I learned that if I hold a grudge for a day, it stands a good chance of becoming forever. And I learned that if I write something negative, my writing becomes negative forever. Everything’s a spiral, you see, like a spider’s web. And what we do today will inevitably leave its footprints on our tomorrows.

    Thus, I implore (we do still use that word, right?), create positively. And do not hesitate to start, though be cautioned to follow your passions, for unfaithfulness to those won’t be lightly forgiven by the muse resting in you. Don’t force yourself to write a book when you’d rather write a poem, or draw a picture.

    Well, I suppose that’s enough of flowery language and quotations from me for tonight 🙂

    But, please, if you take nothing from this post (and I literally just typed it up in a random fifteen minutes), know that if you are a creative (and I suspect you are if you’re human) you rule the world. It is not the governments and laws and et cetera useless things that rule this world. It is the ideas put into peoples heads by the silent ones: the writers, the painters, the musicians (who aren’t really silent), the photographers… the artists.

    Each And Every One Of Us Has The Power To Change The World. And Now Is The Time.

    Just remember:

    “With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben, Spider-Man (2002)

    Ask yourself, how can I create the world today that I want to live in tomorrow? And then go for it.


    Thanks for reading! 🙂

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