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    Elfboy Elfboy (The Pizza Shop Chronicles #1)
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    I’ve got two teasers here. Please vote on your favorite.

    Whichever gets the most votes will be continued on my blog as a series of short stories.


    1 The Sad H

    The logo of a circle and sword on the envelope said The SAD H in what certainly looked like mournful gothic lettering. It seemed only natural to assume at the time that my great-uncle George had a ranch of some kind and that was his cattle brand, along with a cheesy western name for the place–the return address was even in Texas!


    2 RebelLion

    “Akaiyati Lion!” my mother called from downstairs.

    I rolled my eyes and sat up, sighing as I remembered what day it was. “Her name is Rebel!” I shouted back, groaning as I maneuvered my sore limbs out of bed. “Ouch!” I smacked my head on the ceiling of my tiny room. Again.


    Which would you read if these were the beginnings of two books?

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