Tales of Terruha: Charms by Sarah Sewell
August 5, 2021 Book Reviews
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Tales of Terruha: Charms by Sarah Sewell is the fascinating tale of Akane, a young, anxious college graduate who, while visiting her grandparents in Japan, discovers a magical charm bracelet from her grandfather’s stories. The bracelet leads her into the world of Terruha, which is under threat from the possessed warlord Diederik. Together with her new friends and the magic of the bracelet, Akane searches for all the charms to defeat Diederik. Along the way, she has many wonderful adventures, discovers courage, and learns to embrace her real self…

I really loved the descriptions in this one. And the world-building is stupendous! All of the creatures and the settings are wonderfully presented and vividly pictured. I loved the Stipulamen and Dakota!

A few of the side characters seemed two-dimensional, but I liked the fact that they all mattered and had unique character-arcs. Akane was a good protagonist, and I loved her relationship with the love-interest. Seth was a wonderful addition to the story.

The quest for the charms and the challenges to gain them were two aspects really well-done — I loved how each of their powers blended and worked together as Akane gathered each one. The last and second challenges were probably my favorite, but I loved the others as well. Also, who doesn’t love elemental magic?!

I feel it’s fair to mention that there are quite a few instances of typos and some awkward phrases throughout that can distract the reader a little, but, overall, I think it’s a good read — and I’ve read it more than once. It has certain aspects that remind me of anime, as well as some video games, which I definitely enjoyed.

Thank you to the author, Sarah Sewell for my ARC copy & for letting me beta-read such an awesome story! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what comes next!





Sarah Sewell, Author of Tales of Terruha: Charms

Sarah Sewell is a wife and mother living in Kansas. At a young age she wrote short stories and craft her own books. Once she entered Jr. High, she began writing her first book. But, due to life and doubt, she had to put the story aside and take another path. The path to become a writer has come again, and she jumped on without a doubt in herself.

When she’s not writing she is playing Guild Wars 2 and D&D with her husband, going on adventures with her daughter, or playing with graphic design and crafts.

Her website is: and she has a YouTube channel too – worth checking out! 🙂

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