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July 18, 2021 Asunder
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Hi there! If you follow me on social media, you’ve probably seen that I added a book called The Dragon’s Bane, followed by its sequel The Return of Foulwing to my Goodreads profile. If that interested you, please read onward.


I started writing The Dragon’s Bane at twelve years old, following it with The Return of Foulwing, and then a few other bits and pieces of a series I call The Chronicles of Asunder. I finished it at sixteen and set it aside in favor of The Pizza Shop Chronicles. But, following an accident of spilled coffee on my laptop and loss of critical files, I’ve made a return to the world of Asunder and am currently reworking The Dragon’s Bane for publication – as a serial which will be sent out weekly through email to subscribers on my Asunderians list.

This book is a MG Christian Fantasy, taking place in the half-broken world of Asunder 1000 years after its greatest hero, the Giant Thunderfoot, has died and only four months before a major eclipse called the Red Moon is supposed to take place. The Warlock Simeadure intends to kill four people chosen to be Wizards (the light counterparts of Warlocks) at this time, which will restore him to powers he once had, as well as plunging the whole world into eternal, red-hued night. To accomplish this, he has woken the five Dragons and thousands Shadowhounds, as well as trapped many humans into serving in his army.

Among the rising chaos and crumbling fortress walls, Humfrey, a twelve-year-old ward of the king, is given an amulet and a destination. With his adopted brother, Prince Baldemar, as his protector and companion, he dashes off on an adventure like he thought existed only in the oldest, dustiest tales, with magic abounding and myths materialized before his eyes.

The greatest of this “myths” is the Last Prophecy of Fate, which tells of a hero called the Heir of Thunderfoot, who carries the weapons of the great giant and is destined to defeat Simeadure, breaking the Veil that divides Asunder and freeing those under his spells.

Burlion, a fifteen-year-old human, has crossed Frostland, the barrier of ice ringing the top of the globe, with two Dwarves and a black bear dog at his side. He carries only two things besides his travel gear: a golden sword and shield fashioned a thousand years ago by the greatest Dwarf smith, each bearing the insignia of Thunderfoot. His journey takes him to the island fortress of Simeadure, to destroy the Warlock forever, and when his path crosses the one of Humfrey and Baldemar, they find a far greater task in store than delivering an amulet – one that will take them to places they never imagined and change their lives forever.


That’s about the gist of the story, though, I must admit, it’s incredibly difficult for me to write blurbs and summaries. The story seems to have so much more than that, to me anyhow, and I always find myself wanting to talk about everything else – like Faeries and Dewsøl and Firebirds. Obviously, there’s a lot more to this story than what fits into one book. I ended up with 19 in the outline and probably more, but I’m going to focus on this one first. And I want to share it with you, which is why I’m going to share it on my blog.

But, to make sure this only goes to those who want to read it, I’ve created a second email list specifically for sharing The Chronicles of Asunder and its extras (I’ll also be including pictures, sketches, maps, & other cool stuff as well). To get on that list, you must respond to this post or send me your name + email through PM or contact by July 25th, 2021. I’ll send out the prologue to my general list as well, but only those on the Asunderian list will receive the rest of the book. After July 25th, 2021, the subscription will cost $1 per month.

So, that’s the announcement. If you’re interested in this book and want to be among the very first readers, please respond to this post and let me know! Also, please share this everywhere you can & tell everyone you think might be interested. Since my laptop is out of commission, I have no social media access at the moment other than Goodreads, so I could really, really use some help spreading the word.

Thank you so much! I really look forward to sharing this story with you! 😀

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