Good Friday & Some Thoughts About Telemarketing
April 2, 2021 Uncategorized
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Hey, everyone! Happy Good Friday!

People like to remember today that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on the cross for our sins and then rose on the third day after, which we remember as Easter.

I’ve seen a lot of posting today about Jesus and God, and I thought I should write one too, because it’s my job to share the good news. I wasn’t sure what exactly I would write when I started this post, and I’m still not, so pardon my lack of eloquence. I’m “winging it”.

I’ve been struggling a lot recently with different things in life, but especially faith and work and how they go together, what work I should be doing, and that sort of thing. God’s been with me this whole struggle, even when I thought for a terrible moment He might not have been, and He’s brought me here.

It’s an interesting place, the present, but it belongs to God as surely as the past and the future. Some of us like to think we can change our future, but that power really belongs to God. And you know something else? He has the power to change our pasts too! With the blood of His Son, our past sins can be totally washed away and blotted out. That was the whole point of the Cross and the first Good Friday and the First Easter Sunday that followed.

You’re probably tired of hearing this; you’ve probably heard it all before and this is just one blog in a sea of millions, all saying the same thing. But this is the most important thing in the whole world!

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth to be the perfect man and to be crucified for our sins, paying a debt to God that none of us ever could, so that everyone who believes on Him can be saved and have ever-lasting life. And He charged us with spreading this good news to all creation.

Maybe you’ve heard it a million times already, but if you don’t already know Christ, please come to Him. I know, you just read that I’ve been struggling with this, and now I’m asking you to come to the same place. You probably find that laughable, but let me clarify: I’ve been struggling with myself and the fact that I cannot trust anyone but God with my soul’s salvation. You see, I had grand notions that I was all good, it was the removal of the illusion that brought me to write this blog. It was more like a growth-spurt than struggling. I know now the truth, that is Jesus Christ, is the only thing that can save me, and I know now the same truth is the only thing that can save anybody on this whole planet. That is why I implore you to pick up a Bible and find this same truth. And if you have no Bible in your home, may I recommend this free online resource where you may read through the internet or download a PDF file: BlueLetterBible.Org

For those of you who have already read the Bible and who already know the truth of Jesus Christ, please, spread the good news. Maybe you think your voice doesn’t matter or that someone else can say it better than you or that too many people preach it already. I thought so too until a few days ago when I had a talk with someone about telemarketers.

They were annoyed that telemarketers kept calling them when they didn’t need the product or service that was being offered. I didn’t have a reason to, but I pointed out that was the job of a telemarketer: to find out who needs their products or services through calling random numbers and talking to people. That’s a hard job, and it’s even harder when people are rude to them. They can’t tell before they call you that you don’t want or possibly don’t need their services. They’re just doing their job. They’re taking a risk to call random numbers and sell their company’s product or service.

But they take that risk again and again to find that one person out of ten or twenty that does need or want their services. Maybe they find two or three. Maybe more.

That’s why we who are charged with spreading the good news of Jesus Christ need to keep going: we need to find those ones who aren’t going to hang up. It’s our job to keep dialing the phones. God will take care of those on the receiving end of the calls, whether they hang up or listen; whether they already have Christ in their lives. God will take care of whoever you reach, and He will take care of the reaching too, but you must dial in faith. Indeed, I have no clue who this will reach or where it will go, but I have faith in writing it and publishing it; the rest is up to God.

So, people, we are charged with spreading the good news. Let’s do so – and not just on holidays!

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