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Elfboy Elfboy (The Pizza Shop Chronicles #1)
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    The Inkewell

    Inkewell files :)

    The Number One Thing Creatives Need To Learn – Right Now

    You control the world. There. I said it. Creative people control the entire world.

    “Oh, but I’m not creative,” you might be thinking. And you would be wrong. Creativity is a human quality that we all have. If you like… Continue reading

    What is Writing Like?

    This is a fairly strange, simple, and abstract question. Most people ask why others write, what draws them to that notebook (or computer) day after day after day?

    I found myself asking what it feels like to write, what the… Continue reading


    I wrote a poem a while ago and then my friend was looking for something to turn into a song… so I offered it to her. This is the poem:



    A thought-clouded mist moves in upon the night,… Continue reading

    Fairytale Limericks

    After reading an entire book of Edward Lear’s fantastical limericks, I decided to try writing some myself. Fairytale retellings seemed like a good idea. The frog prince is one of my absolute favorites, but I like Cinderella too.


    The… Continue reading


    Inspiration is elusive like a dragonfly,

    A sparkling, fleeting jewel,

    Hovering ever out of reach.

    If I could catch one such jewel from the sky,

    Pluck it down and suck it dry

    Like a leech,

    I might have more to… Continue reading