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Hey! Welcome to my site!

I’m Abbigayle, but a lot of people call me Quille. I mostly write YA fantasy, but I also enjoy poetry. I’m currently working on a series about elves, which are some of my favorite fantasy creatures. Dragon fans don’t worry though, I’ve included some of those magnificent beasties as well 🙂

The first book in the series, Elfboy, has been published and is available on Amazon and you are very encouraged to check it out. I think it is an awesome book, and my readers say so too. Some of them call me the Cliffhanger Queen.

So far, my blog is super random and I post sporadically, but I’m working on it and would love your support (you can provide this by subscribing. See sidebar 🙂 I don’t spam, and I think you’ll find my content enjoyable.

Also, I would appreciate if you took a look at my post, Reverie, and listened to my friend’s rendition of one of my poems as a song. She’s really cool and starting a YouTube channel I recommend subscribing to.

This is one of my fairly recent poems, titled Inkewell and written specifically for this page:


Many people think 

That ink

Is contained in an inkwell

But I’ve found so much more to tell;

Battered dreams, fairy wings,

Dragon fire, teardrop stings,

Sunshine, mist, and sweet deep breath;

Storms, starlight, and empty death;

Love’s everlasting embrace,

Rainbows, and wild geese to chase;

Treasure beyond men’s minds,

Fey and beasts of every kind,

Heroes rising and villains fell;

These all swirl together in the depths of my 




It’s a good example of the poetry you’ll find here, but there will be lots more too. One of my favorite things is to try new styles of writing. If there’s a type of narrative or poetic form I haven’t tried yet, well, it’s a new challenge to try out.

I’ve been writing for a long time and one thing I’ve learned is that I’ll never be perfect. My work will always be written by a developing author.

I write to inspire others and if I accomplish that even in the smallest number, it’s perfect enough for me.

“Dreams, after all, are the only things that matter.” -Abbigayle Grace (Reverie)

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Until then, I wish you the best of luck in everything,


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