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    Monthly Archives: May 2019


    I’ve got two teasers here. Please vote on your favorite.

    Whichever gets the most votes will be continued on my blog as a series of short stories.


    1 The Sad H

    The logo of a circle and sword on the envelope said The SAD H in what certainly looked like mournful gothic lettering. It seemed only natural to assume at the time that my great-uncle George had a ranch of some kind and that was his cattle brand, along with a cheesy western name for the place–the return address was even in Texas!


    2 RebelLion

    “Akaiyati Lion!” my mother called from downstairs.

    I rolled my eyes and sat up, sighing as I remembered what day it was. “Her name is Rebel!” I shouted back, groaning as I maneuvered my sore limbs out of bed. “Ouch!” I smacked my head on the ceiling of my tiny room. Again.


    Which would you read if these were the beginnings of two books?

    Teacup on stack of books


    I wrote a poem a while ago and then my friend was looking for something to turn into a song… so I offered it to her. This is the poem:



    A thought-clouded mist moves in upon the night, 

    Shadows of hope become hidden out of sight. 

    On the wings of reverie, I fly, 

    Daydreaming across a starlit sky. 

    Smoke turns to fire, 

    Devouring a celtic bire. 

    Mirrors forever lie, 

    Telling sweet dreams to die.  

    Kings come crashing down, 

    Bereft of title and crown. 

    Burns and scars will always stay  

    Until memory’s chain breaks away. 

    Whispers cry out against the pain, 

    But words will still remain. 

    Are things broken now blemished? 

    Or can they still shine undiminished? 

    Paper rents and steel melts in flood, 

    Only bitter ink will stain the blood. 

    The heart will flake away 

    Unless love paints anew each day. 

    Beware the knife-edged blade of hate may cut its strings, 

    Striking chords a dead bird sings. 

    Eyes shine with sunlight shades of tears 

    Hearts break confronted with lovers’ fears. 

    Tarnished jewels lie in wait 

    For fish who’ll swallow no other bait. 

    The web-mesh of fate, 

    Will not catch the one who’s late. 

    Wandering shoes are lost, 

    Drowned in burning frost. 

    Rhymes elude the starstruck poet, 

    But he’s afraid lest the king should know it. 

    Reverie’s wings break and shatter, 

    Dreams, after all, are the only things that matter.


    And this is the song!

    It’s called Words Will Still Remain and the singer is my friend, Juliana Cardine. Make sure to check out her YouTube channel and subscribe! She’s amazing.