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    Monthly Archives: April 2019

    Fairytale Limericks

    After reading an entire book of Edward Lear’s fantastical limericks, I decided to try writing some myself. Fairytale retellings seemed like a good idea. The frog prince is one of my absolute favorites, but I like Cinderella too.


    The Frog Prince

    There was once a lovely princess in the kingdom of Dall

    Who once owned a lovely golden ball

    She lost it in a deep bog

    It was rescued by a bullfrog

    Who, when kissed, was a prince and then the king of Dall.







    At a ball in the kingdom of Perulgripper,

    Cinderella, fair maid, lost a glass slipper

    The prince searched far and wide,

    Intending to make his bride

    The one who could wear that dainty slipper.




    It was tried unsuccessfully on her step-sisters,

    Causing both their feet to sprout horrible blisters

    But on Cinderella it fit fine

    And she was glad to leave behind

    Her terrible step-mother and sisters.


    Inspiration is elusive like a dragonfly,

    A sparkling, fleeting jewel,

    Hovering ever out of reach.

    If I could catch one such jewel from the sky,

    Pluck it down and suck it dry

    Like a leech,

    I might have more to write,

    More bedazzling pieces of fantasy flight

    Within my human reach.



    “Writing is no trouble: you just jot down ideas as they occur to you. The jotting is simplicity itself–it is the occurring which is difficult.” —Stephen Leacock

    The Chicken and the Writer

    Silver Spangled Hamburg ElfboyI’ve always been a writer with dreams of being one of the most famous novelists in the world.

    I started my first novel at age twelve and, after years of procrastination and world-building, finished it at sixteen. It wasn’t the best thing, but I showed me so much about writing and what I could do that I decided to turn it into a chronology and am still working on it on and off.

    That novel didn’t make me a writer though.

    A chicken did.

    A chicken I got for Christmas and lacked a name.

    I tried making up some names like for characters in my book, but they didn’t work. It seemed like my chicken, a Silver Spangled Hamburg cockerel (pictured), would remain nameless forever.

    Then one night, I had a dream. A dream about my chicken.



    I was looking through the catalog of the hatchery that my chicken had come from and saw his picture taking up an entire page as a multi-prize winner. The name on the caption was Elfboy. 


    When I woke up, I wrote down the name immediately, adopting it not only for my chicken’s name since it fit perfectly, but seeing in it potential for an amazing book.

    I spent probably a month just toying around with the idea for a book titled Elfboy. Nothing came for a while… until I took on a private challenge to try and create one of the best characters in the world. I wanted to create a character that every reader would fall in love with, and Elfboy seemed the perfect starting place. It pretty much worked too; eight out of thirteen beta-readers had the same favorite character, along with me.

    I plotted, drafted, and typed out the book in six months with plenty of beta-reader feedback along the way, most notably my sister, who provided some really awesome encouragement. Now, it’s awaiting a final edit before publication.

    Like my first book, it’s not the greatest, but it really made a writer out of me. I can’t wait to share it with you later on this year!