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Abbigayle Grace's books on Goodreads
Elfboy Elfboy (The Pizza Shop Chronicles #1)
reviews: 4
ratings: 7 (avg rating 4.71)

Goblinprince Goblinprince (The Pizza Shop Chronicles #2)
reviews: 3
ratings: 3 (avg rating 3.67)

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    Hey there! Welcome to the Inkewell!

    A Little About Me:

    I’m Abbigayle Grace, though lots of my friends call me Quille because of my username on Write the World, a site for teen writers. There, I became infamous for my use of cliffhangers and my debut novel, Elfboy.

    Aside from writing, I enjoy photography, drawing, learning other languages, being outdoors, running, and needlework. I also edit, beta read, and review for my fellow authors. Basically, I’m a normal almost-non-teenage weirdo authorpreneur.

    My first two books are YA Christian contemporary fantasy (yeah, I know it’s a tongue-twister)… and pretty much anything else I write is almost always write fantasy; because it’s one of the only genres where you can get away with literally anything 😉 I also dabble with poetry, and make sure to use lots of smiley face emojis 🙂

    One of my very strongest beliefs is that one should never, ever give up on their creative dreams. I dreamt of growing up to be an artist… It took me a while to realize that my art lies not in being a classical painter, but in creating magical landscapes and characters from alphabet soup.


    About My Books:
    Newest Release!

    Trial By Dragon – available for subscription on

    Like everyone else, Edith Trawlney, or Edi, was born with a Guardian – a magical creature sworn to protect her for as long as she believes in magic.

    Unlike everyone else, Edi and her friends have come ‘of age’ as Believers, meaning they can now partake in the Royal Trial – an event that occurs once every generation in the Fairy Realm, calling Believers from around the world to compete for the title of Realm Ruler.

    Edi has dreamed of ruling ever since she was little, and, with her Guardian by her side, the Trial feels won already. Edi’s been counting on it.

    What she hasn’t counted on is the intervention of the Hunters, a group hell-bent on stopping the Trial; or the possibility of losing her friends to the challenges. Not to mention the agenda of the current Realm Ruler, Queen Justine, who’s been ruling for two generations and has no intentions of giving up the throne now.

    Read the first chapter here!



    The Pizza Shop Chronicles

    Elfboy is the first installment in a YA Christian contemporary fantasy series, taking place in the rural KY town of Orangeboro, as well as in an alternate dimension known as the elf world (creative naming, right?)

    It begins, oddly enough, in the year it was written, 2018, and tells the story of an almost-eighteen-year-old boy named Chris who, in attending public school for the first time, befriends a mysterious kid named Elrond Higgins, whom everyone immediately warns him to stay away from.










    Goblinprince is the long-awaited, finally-live sequel to Elfboy. It also takes place in good old Orangeboro, well partly. The rest is back in the elf-world, where 2035 is still “medieval” with elves, fairies, and goblins striving to either conquer the other races or live in peace.

    Alastair votes for living in peace, but that involves a lot more conquering than he expected as new foes, deadly foes arise – the worst of which turns out to be his own self, and the grudges he holds against his past. Good thing he’s not alone as many of the past characters (including my favorites, Snyder & Chris) join his adventures!









    The Inkewell Collection

    Coming soon, a collection of some of my favorite poems and short stories that I’ve written over the past couple of years. Some of them appear to be quite good, while others I will certainly not be including 🙂

    You can read the introduction here if you like: Intro.

    Here’s a short sample (which was actually written for the homepage of this site and the first page of the book):







    It seems common to think

    That only ink

    Is contained in an inkwell,

    But I’ve found so much more to tell:

    Battered dreams and fairy wings,

    Dragon fire and teardrop stings,

    Sunshine, mist, and deep sweet breath;

    Storms, starlight, and empty death;

    Love’s everlasting embrace,

    Rainbows and wild geese to chase;

    Treasure beyond men’s minds

    Fey and beasts of every kind;

    Heroes rising and villains fell,

    These all swirl together in the depths of my




    Sample of Current Work-In-Progress

    Winter in Deglendark Valley – Coming December 2020

    Iliara’s breath came in white clouds, contrasting the blue evening as she trudged the snowy road to the Rosy Crossroads inn. The gothic, miscellaneous stone structures that made up the town of Smiffiton leered at her, as though questioning how she dared grace the cobbled streets, and did nothing to shelter her from the brutal winds. Neither did the fire-witch blood running through her veins. It was supposed to help with things like cold.

    Winter this year seemed to defy all natural laws. It seemed so cold even Christmas would come and go without celebration.

    Not that Iliara cared. If thoughts could kill, she would’ve murdered the holiday a thousand times in the last year. Lord knows it’s deserved…

    * * *
    And, That’s Pretty Much It, Folks! I Look Forward to Seeing You Here Often.

    Don’t forget to subscribe – you probably don’t want to miss my upcoming posts 🙂 Plus, it would be 100% fantastic for me, which is worthwhile in itself, isn’t it?

    And if you’re a fellow writer, I’d love to see you around NaNo!

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